Portrait Wall Mount Outdoor LCD Display 43" 49" 55" 65" 75"

  • IP65 Outdoor Single side Digital Signage Kiosk
  • High Brightness: 2500-5000 nits (Truly Sunlight Readable, No blacking)
  • Weatherproof Technology: fully-enclosed design allows for 24/7 outdoor use
  • Wide working temp: -10~+60℃ & IP65, capable of exposure to direct sunlight, rain, snow, and dust
  • Guaranteed performance: 50000 hours
  • Aluminum Frame Work Design for Using in Coastal cities.



  • Industrial Grade LCD panel: 105℃ TNI / 110℃ TNI heat resistant industrial grade wide working temperature panel(-30~80℃).


  • High brightness: 2500nits as standard, 3500nits / 4000nits / 5000nits(customized)


  • Long-lasting brightness: Thanks to the high-efficiency LED backlight panel from Huaview R&D team, 24 x 7 is achievable; besides, the monitor is also excellently viewable from every angle even under strong sunlight, which attracts passengers’ visual attention.


  • Outdoor protection: Huaview DOOH Kiosk can be used fully outdoor in tough weather with high & low temperatures, raining, snowing, etc. The strong aluminum housing & 6mm thickness tempered glass-covered kiosks, make the LCD display vandal-proof, and it passed IP65 & IK10 protection tests.


  • Enclosure Material: 6mm thickness tempered glass as standard, Tempered glass with AG coating / AR Glass/ double layer laminated tempered glass is optional. Fully Aluminum Housing ( Anti-corrosion & rust-proof with 15 years lifetime), which is able to use in cities by the sea for a long term without corrosion and rust.


  • Temperature & humidity control: Embedded heater(optional), cooling fans & temperature controller are comprehensively working together to keep the whole unit at a correct working temperature against hot/cold/ humid weather. The air conditioner is optional as well.


  • Ambient brightness sensor: The brightness is automatically adjusted according to environmental brightness, night mode(lowest brightness) will be activated at the night, and the highest brightness will be turned on during noon with intense sunlight.


  • Overheat Protection: When the internal working temperature reach 65℃, LCD backlight will shut down automatically to prevent the machine from overheating working. LCD backlight turns on again until internal working temperature reach 53℃(re-start up the temperature can be preset to other value)


  • Certification: CE / FCC / ROHS / IP65 / IK10 / EMC / LVD

Portrait Wall Mount Outdoor LCD Display Specification sheet:

Display Panel Size 43″/49″/55″/65″/75″
Resolution 1920×1080 FHD/4K
LCD Manufacturer BOE/LG/AUO( Industrial grade panel, 105℃ TNI heat resistant panel, wide working temperature-30~ +80℃)
Viewing angle 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D)
Contrast ratio 1200:1
Brightness 2500nits as standard (3500nits/4500nits can be customized)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Active Area  1210(H) × 680(V) mm
Operational Life Cycle-MTBF(hours) 50K hours
Grey to Grey Response Time (ms) 6ms
Power Input Voltage AC110 ~ 240 ± 10%, 50 / 60 HZ
Leakage Protection 30mA/0.1S
Built-in Power Socket 1 pcs (EU/US/UK/AU/Swiss Standard optional, more sockets are optional)
Timer Switch 1 pcs
Max Power Consumption (w) TBD
Enclosure Material Enclosure Material Fully Aluminum Housing ( Anti-corrosion & rust-proof with 15 years lifetime)
Glass Type 6mm tempered glass as standard
6mm Tempered glass as standard with Double side AR surface treatment with high transparency, reducing reflection/ UV/ IR (optional)
6mm tempered glass with AG coating, anti-glare surface treatment reduce reflection (optional)
Double Laminated AR Glass 3mm+3mm is optional (optional)
Glass Characteristics Transmissivity > 93%, Reflectivity < 2%
Optical Bonding (Optional) Tempered Glass & LCD Display&Touch optical bonding technology is optional
Protection Grade IP65&IK10
Thickness 120mm/150mm/185mm
Environment Operating Environment Fully Outdoor for All Weathers
Operating Temp. -10℃ ~+60℃
Operating Humidity 5% ~ 98%
Operating Altitude (m) ≤ 2000
Built-in HDMI input Monitor Video Board HDMI input 1 pcs, Support 1920*1080, 4K resolution is optional
Signal Output VbyOne or LVDS
Android Operating System(Option 1) CPU RK3399, Dual-core Cortex-A72 + Quad core Cortex-A53, MAX 1.8GHz
GPU ARM Mali-T864
Internal memory 64GB EMMC
Operation system Android 7.1/ Android 8.1/ Android 9/ Android 10
Network WiFi & Ethernet Port, 3G/4G is optional
I/O HDMI input *1pcs, , ethernet port*2pcs, USB*2pcs, Sim Card Slot*1 etc.
Android Operating System(Option 2) CPU RK3288, Quad-core Cortex-A17, MAX 1.8GHz
GPU ARM Mali-T764
Internal memory 16GB/32GB/64 EMMC
Operation system Android 7.1/ Android 8.1/ Android 9/ Android 10
Network WiFi & Ethernet Port, 3G/4G is optional
I/O HDMI output*1pcs, USB*2pcs, ethernet port*1pcs, Sim Card Slot*1 etc.
Free Remote Content Management Software(For Android only) Editing Playlist, timing, playback
Edit Multi Zones Play different contents
One Video/image splicing to multiple screens by software, no need for extra controller/matrix/HDMI splitter
Support live stream, URL, Youtube Video, PDF, WORD, TXT, etc
Remote Management by mobile, PC thru wifi/lan network
Support 4K high-resolution video, Max uploading video 2GB, Max uploading image 20MB
Support Simple USB sticker plug-play looping images/videos
Cloud base software is supported
Free of charge
Windows System (Optional) CPU Intel i3, i5, i7( dual core/quad core, 3th to 11th Generation is optional)
Internal memory 128GB SSD/256GB SSD
Operation system Windows 10
Network WiFi & Ethernet Port, 3G/4G is optional
I/O HDMI output*1pcs, USB*4pcs, ethernet port*1pcs, Sim Card Slot*1 etc.
PCAP Touch Screen(Optional) Touch Type PCAP Touch
Touch Max Resolution 4980*4980
Transparency > 90%, up to 100%
Scanning Speed > 50s scans/s
Responsive Time <12ms
Touch Precision 0.625mm
Minimum Touch 5mm
Communication USB port
Media & Connectivity&  Other Optional functions Heater
Customized external Sensor
AC air conditioner
Emergency button

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